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  • Single Ride

    (Ages 5- 59)

    Up to two children under the age of five ride free per one fare paying adult. Exact fare only. Drivers carry no change. No refunds.

  • UCD Undergraduate Student

    Current Students

    By showing current student identification card. Without student ID, fare is $1.25. No photocopies or digital images, including OASIS, accepted because drivers cannot determine their validity.


    A valid undergraduate UC Davis ID also entitles the holder to unlimited access on YoloBus.

    Unlimited Access
  • Graduate Student/Staff AggieCard/ID Badge

    Graduate Students, professional students, and staff do not pay Unitrans for fare-free boarding with their AggieCard or Aggie ID. Graduate students, professional students, and staff must purchase a pass or pay the cash fare to board a Unitrans bus.


    Under the new UAW BX and UAW BR Unit contracts, Graduate Student Employees will be eligible for a public transit allowance. UC Davis will double match the bargaining unit employee’s contribution up to $30/month. For example, if a Graduate Student Employee contributes $5/month, UC Davis will contribute $10/month, leaving the Graduate Student Employee with $15/month total to use. When the public transit allowance is implemented, Graduate Student Employees may use their public transit allowance to purchase a pass.

  • Seniors

    (60 or Older)

    A "Senior" pass allows customers unlimited free access to all ASUCD Unitrans transit routes. The Unitrans Business Office is currently closed to the public until further notice.  Click here for the senior pass application form; if eligible for a pass, please complete the application in its entirety and submit via mail to Unitrans Business Office, One Shields Avenue - 5 South Hall, Davis, CA 95616-5270 or email to unitrans@ucdavis.edu.


    Unitrans drivers may request ID verification at boarding. Without a senior pass or Medicare card, the fare is $1.25. 

    Unlimited Access
  • Customers with Disabilities

    Fare-free unlimited use Unitrans Disabled Pass. Click here for the application form, list of eligibility criteria, and submittal options; if eligible for a pass, please complete the application in its entirety and submit via mail to Unitrans Business Office, One Shields Avenue - 5 South Hall, Davis, CA 95616-5270. Applications will not be accepted via email or fax. 


    Please note,  physician certification is required to be eligible to receive the pass. Unitrans driver may request ID for verification at the time of boarding. Without a Unitrans Disabled Pass or a partner transit provider or Medicare card, the fare is $1.25. Click here for more information on services for customers with disabilities.

    Unlimited Access
  • Davis Joint Unified School Student ID (or Youth Pass)

    Youth 18 and under ride fare free with a current, valid student identification card. If your child does not have a valid school ID, you may fill out the youth pass application and send to Unitrans at unitrans@ucdavis.edu. School IDs are the preferred method to access the bus. Youth passes expire every summer. Got questions? Call us at 530-752-2877 or email us at unitrans@ucdavis.edu!


    No youth pass or valid student ID? Then you must pay the regular $1.25 fare or have a valid alternative pass.

    Unlimited Access
  • City of Davis

    Current Employees

    With valid employee identification card. Note that Davis Joint Unified School District employees are not City of Davis employees.  No photocopies or digital images accepted.

    Unlimited Access
  • Davis Community Transit ID Card

    By showing valid card. Driver may request ID for verification.

    Unlimited Access
  • International English Professional Program

    By showing valid ID card. Without ID card, fare is $1.25. No photocopies or digital images accepted.

    Unlimited Access
  • Yolobus & Sacramento Regional Transit Passes

    Connect Card Not Accepted

    Unitrans accepts printed Yolobus and Sacramento Regional Transit (Sac RT) passes and transfers. However, electronic-only media such as the Connect Card cannot be used on Unitrans as valid fare.  That is because they cannot be verified by the bus driver.  If you are using a Connect Card and wish to transfer to Unitrans, please request a printed transfer from the Yolobus driver, and then use that as your fare when boarding Unitrans.

    Accept Printed Passes & Transfers
  • Sacramento Regional Transit Tickets

    Sacramento RT tickets are accepted for the cash value shown on the ticket. Electronic-only media such as Yolobus stored value cards and Sacramento Connect Card cannot be used on Unitrans because they cannot be verified by the bus driver.

    As Indicated
  • Medicare Card Holders

    By showing valid card. Driver may request ID for verification.


    Current and New Medicare Cards

    Unlimited Access
  • Yolobus, Sacramento Regional Transit, Capital Corridor Transfers and Tickets

    Unitrans will honor unexpired Sacramento Regional Transit, Yolobus, Capitol Corridor and Fairfield Transit transfers, tickets, and daily passes. Transfer or ticket must be presented to driver for access. For Capitol Corridor, show your valid eTicket or paper ticket/pass to the driver.


    Sacramento RT Daily Pass Examples (with validation pre-stamped)


    Sacramento RT Basic Daily Pass

    (with metallic strip and date validated)


    YoloBus Daily Pass                                      

    YoloBus Transfer

    FAST Transfer




  • Los Rios Community College ID Card WITH Sticker

    Only with valid Sacramento RT sticker

    Los Rios Community College District students with a valid Sacramento RT transit pass sticker with current dates may ride fare free. ID cards without a sticker or with invalid dates will not be accepted.

    Fare free with sticker
  • Connect Card

    Unitrans drivers cannot verify stored value electronic fare media. Ask your driver for a paper transfer if transferring to Unitrans. Unitrans drivers will accept valid, printed transfers.

  • Other ID Cards

    Any ID cards not listed above are NOT accepted as a valid fare. Types of ID cards which are not accepted include Medi-Cal cards and Veterans ID cards. If holders of these cards are either Senior or Disabled, they should show a Disabled ID card, Senior ID, or Medicare ID for valid fare.


    Medi-Cal Card

  • Sacramento Group Pass Programs

    Unitrans does NOT honor Sacramento group transit pass programs such as the CSUS ID Card, and Sacramento County Dept of Human Assistance card. Single-ride fare is required.

  • Online Purchase Options

    No need for cash and paper passes anymore. Go paperless and ride Unitrans with ZipPass! ZipPass is your one stop shop for Unitrans, Yolobus, Causeway Connection, and Sacramento RT passes! All fares and passes discounted 20% on ZipPass through mid-March 2023!


    Simply purchase your fare directly from the ZipPass app, show the driver or conductor the activated pass, and enjoy your ride! You may board through either the front or rear door with ZipPass. The driver or conductor will instruct you to tap your activated pass screen to verify your pass is valid. 


    Click here to download ZipPass for Android!


    Click here to download ZipPass for Apple iOS!