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Unitrans Response to Concerns Over COVID-19

Posted on Feb 27 2020

Unitrans is working hard to keep you and our employees healthy! Click here for a short video to learn more!

What are we doing?

* Face coverings are REQUIRED while riding the bus. Customers without coverings may not be served.

* Keep conversations to a minimum on the bus and keep conversations with the driver to necessary conversations only.

* All operable windows are open and the ventilation system is running at all times.

* Bus capacity will be limited to approx. 18 customers if possible. Customers should spread themselves out on the buses. Some seats are marked as "do not sit".

* Only engage driver and conductor as needed from a safe distance.


Cleaning Procedures Currently in Place:

* All interior bus hard surfaces and seats are sanitized daily.

* Drivers and conductors are instructed to wipe down their work space at the start of their shifts.


Customers are encouraged to bring hand santizer or other personal hygiene products they wish to use before, during, and after riding the bus at their own discretion. Any service changes will be posted on the Unitrans web site and Facebook page and will also be available by calling Unitrans at (530) 752-2877.  


For Coronavirus information for the UC Davis campus, please go to this link:

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MU Terminal Service Restored; Silo Terminal Service Suspended

Posted on Jun 10 2024

As of 10:00am, bus service to and from the MU Terminal has been restored after a blockage due to protest activity was removed.  Expect minor delays on most MU Terminal bound routes.


As of 11:00am, Silo Terminal buses have been staged at Parking Lot 41, located across the street from the West End Parking Garage at Hutchison and Kleiber Hall Drive.  Customers waiting at the Silo Terminal should proceed west down Hutchison Drive to Lot 41 to catch a bus once service is restored.  Expect delays throughout the day. and overcrowded vehicles. In addition, the following changes have been made - A regular V line serving all bus stops will operate until the Silo Terminal is reopened. The V Express and V Limited will not operate during the detours. The J & W lines will only operate every 30 minutes throughout the day. The L, W, and Z lines cannot operate through campus to Shields Library or the Art Building. Use Lot 41 or stops in downtown for L, W, and Z line buses.   


Unitrans appreciates your patience during this disruption!

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Aggie Transfer Day - Fare-Free V Line Service Added on Saturday, May 18!

Posted on May 1 2024

On Saturday, May 18, in support of Aggie Transfer Day, Unitrans will operate the the V line between the Silo Bus Terminal and West Village fare-free. The V line will operate every 15 minutes between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. See below for Saturday, May 18 V line schedule and for links to bus stop locations on Google Maps. For more information, email or call 530-752-2877.


Click here for map of the Silo Bus Terminal boarding/drop off location

Click here for map of the West Village/The Green boarding/drop off location


Silo Terminal Departures The Green/West Village Departures Silo Terminal Arrivals
10:00 AM 10:07 AM 10:20 AM
10:15 AM 10:22 AM 10:35 AM
10:30 AM 10:37 AM 10:50 AM
10:45 AM 10:52 AM 11:05 AM
11:00 AM 11:07 AM 11:20 AM
11:15 AM 11:22 AM 11:35 AM
11:30 AM 11:37 AM 11:50 AM
11:45 AM 11:52 AM 12:05 PM
12:10 PM 12:17 PM 12:30 PM
12:25 PM 12:32 PM 12:45 PM
12:30 PM 12:37 PM 12:50 PM
12:55 PM 1:02 PM 1:15 PM
1:10 PM 1:17 PM 1:30 PM
1:25 PM 1:32 PM 1:45 PM
1:40 PM 1:47 PM 2:00 PM
1:55 PM 2:02 PM 2:15 PM
2:10 PM 2:17 PM 2:30 PM
2:25 PM 2:32 PM 2:45 PM
2:40 PM 2:47 PM 3:00 PM
2:55 PM 3:02 PM 3:15 PM